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MSS Electronics
  • Our store offers for wholesale of all the variety of products you can see in the catalog, at special prices for dealers and resellers.
  • Enabling B2B wholesale account made within 48 hours of your subscription to our online store and if cross your tax information. To register on our web site click here.
  • If you can not register on our web site please contact us via email at b2b@msselectronics.gr or by phone at +30 2810 256 210
  • You can select any products you want from the list of the site and get in touch with us at info@msselectronics.gr for any further information that you want. Together we will look at the needs and requirements, with a view to a fruitful future collaboration.
  • Our company is open to any proposal and form of cooperation. Do not hesitate to contact us. We are waiting for you…