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About it

The hotel guests are increasingly demanding the services it offers. What are the requirements, needs and opinions of visitors may be learned through an appropriately designed questionnaire. From the questionnaire we can get answers and draw conclusions about their services, discover what the “strong” parts of our services and what those that needs improvement.

We have developed an easy and attractive solution for hotel guests taking advantage of modern technology. Using a tablet the client completes the questionnaire in his/hers language. The process is greatly simplified by simply pressing on the tablets display touch screen and takes no time escaping from the traditional paper option.

When a guest completes a questionnaire the answers are being sent automatically through email to the appropriate manager. The answers are also written in an excel document for easy editing and fast creation of statistical conclusions (the main reason for the use of questionnaires) that the results of our research are easy to analyze and print.

The application that we developed can operate in all tablets with Android platform, all versions and all known companies like Samsung, Motorola, Dell, HTC, Acer etc. There are many options in size from 7 inches to 10 inches and their cost starts from 100 euros up to about 400 euros.

We can customize the application according to the languages you want, the messages to appear, the questions and the stats you want to receive. Questions may be scoring type (bad as well) or multiple choice. Delivery time is 3-5 business days.


Summary and benefits

  • Save money from printing the questionnaires.
  • Savings from printing the questionnaires.
  • Save the time you wasted to evaluate the printed questionnaire forms.
  • The questionnaire is offered to as many languages you like.
  • Easy and friendly to any user. Quick process to avoid guest is tired to complete it.
  • The power of statistics. Evaluate the questionnaire responses between specific dates, by age, by country, room, etc.
  • After the completion of the questionnaire, if the score is high, a message appears reminding visitors to write comments to us at known sites,,
  • The application can be installed on any tablet platform Android, with acquisition costs of 100 euros.



  • The home screen, select the language of questions
  • Evalutaion questions
  • Evaluation questions with photo
  • Single choice questions
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Guest information



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