Hotel locking system

Hotel locking system

What is it

This is a complete solution for guest rooms and hotel rooms, thus ensuring maximum energy savings and all the features of a smart room.

How it works

Outside the room there is a dial on the number of facilities and status reporting (Free, used, do not bother). The card reader can be either on the handle or on the wall. Inside the room there is a special case placement of the card, thereby setting (from the main relay) power supply room (lights, air conditioning, etc.). In this way we achieve the maximum savings.

The cards can be programmed quickly and directly from the hotel reception by selecting only the number of facilities and benefits it can have. There is no limit to the number of cards and if necessary for safety reasons there is the possibility of canceling them.

In addition, customers can use the card where the hotel billing system, including bars, restaurants, enough to connect with the accounting program of the hotel. Also, for better and faster service, the client using the card in some of the access points, can be updated for the total charges, for appointments and to lean on hotel services (restaurants, spa, etc. )

It is also important to provide master card, which provides access to a selected number of rooms or floors or buildings as needed use. For maximum security use, each card may contain the name of the user, so if necessary you can read the events, showing all the events held in this room from which users and what time.

Finally we provide management panels of lighting and air-conditioning facilities. Panels have small and beautiful design that can be placed anywhere in the room and offer to adjust the volume, all the room lights and air conditioners.


  • Maximum security facility
  • Operation with smart cards approach (no contacts, no break down if wet). The cards can be printed (logo hotel, advertising …)
  • Autonomous operation without any central computer, programming is local.
  • Locks record events and memory card is now in contact with the reader (customer maid wagon …)
  • Locks with audible signals inform that the card or not open the lock if the door does not shut properly and if the battery lock is low.
  • There may be a card of emergency, if passed by the locks it open and pulls out sound alarm
  • If the customer loses the card, simply take out a new, deleting all previous
  • The cards can be erased and rewritten thousands of times their strength depends on the treatment
  • Ability to connect to server. The software provides management of all the rooms with recording and viewing events
  • Access Control (Door room, gym, parking …)
  • Check lights
  • Check for air conditioning or not
  • Check air conditioning, if the balcony is open to the air conditioning quits
  • Present situation room in the outdoor receptacle (free, Busy, Do not Disturb)

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