Interactive IP TV

  • AvantV is our IP-based Interactive TV solution, designed to provide digital information, communication and leisure services for guests and customer of Hospitality sites. With a modular design and an exciting array of features, AvantV can be used to deploy advanced media services ranging from a basic TV offer (supporting digital terrestrial, satellite and/or cable contents) to VoD, AoD, TV Games, Internet on TV, contextual and corporate information or special advertisement campaigns.
  • AvantV turns the TV sets in room and common spaces in an interactive media center focused on keeping guests and customers entertained, informed and serviced, with a coherent and personalized offer of contents.
  • Our solution is based in the most advanced hardware and software applications, is affordable to install and operate, integrates seamlessly with PMS, HIS, EPRs and other external management systems, and can be implemented over any existing ip-enabled ITC infrastructures and its elements, including full compatibility with all models of TV sets available in the market.

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