Neon DVB-T Analyzer

  • A new low-cost estimate amazing organ called NEON is available from MSS Electronics.
  • The Neon is focused on the needs of digital terrestrial television DVB-T measurements and gives us the signal level, the C / N, the MER, the BER before correction (CBER) and the BER after corrections (VBER).
  • It is physically suitable for analogue measurements, but his greatest strength lies in the detailed measurements that provide for digital terrestrial television.
  • Wide band (45 – 865 MHz), spectrum analyzer offers a wide range of full band to a channel, and features a constellation diagram (constellation).
  • Creates channel plans, records measurements (data logger) and connected to the PC to transfer measurements, processing and channel plans to upgrade the firmware.
  • The battery lasts longer than 3 hours and weighs less than a pound!
  • It’s a real instrument that makes measurements and receiver not dressed body of those who give us that give us evidence level and quality percentage, but not real measurements in dB and db.
  • Most importantly, the highly affordable price, which makes it ideal meter for the newcomer the technical field of digital measurement and ideal second body for the professional who needs the flexibility, autonomy and lightness.

For more information: MSS Electronics,


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