Network Locks

What is it

Network lock system provides a real time communication (TCP/IP) between door lock and computrer,  mainly includes network lock , computer , encoder , management software ,  key card and energy saving switch.

Functions and Features

Convenient operation

  • Through the computer, we can directly set up the card, inquiry the state of the doors and unlocking information.

Management at different grades

  • Totally 7 kinds of card with different functions and rights: Emergency Card, Master Card, Multilayer Card, Floor Card, Guest Card, Backup Card, Temporary Card.

Time Limited Function

  • As long as the guest is expected to check out, the guest card will be inoperative automatically.

The Record Function

  • The lock records the latest 200 times unlocking information.

The Function of Avoiding Disturbing

  • As long as the door is locked from the inside, any card except emergency card cannot open the lock.

Open or close the lock remotely

  • We can operate the locks through the computer.

Alarm Function

  • If one enters the room illegally or opens the lock abnormally, the lock will send out alarm signal.

Power-off Protection

  • Equip back-up power supply, the information in the lock won’t be lost;

Easy Maintenance

  • Network can supply power, no need to change the battery; and can inquiry the relevant information of the broken-down lock through the computer.

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