We wonder if the best market antenna can be even better …

But can !!!

The IKUSI presents new FLASHD with additional, even better possibilities:

  1. Patented i-FIX system: supports the antenna onto the web at one go. The new innovative support system is very strong, reliable and stable, while making life easier for the installer, allowing the support of the antenna in the tissue even with one hand only.
  2. New improved dipole has 0.5 db higher gain than before, bringing the total gain of the new FLASHD to 18 db. Improved is also the issue of active dipole, reaching 34.5 db total gain for the active FLASHD, while offering AGC for areas where there are strong signals, but also can use the active dipole as simple, interrupting the supply of voltage. Of course the new FLASHD still retains all the features that made it famous: the rapid assembly, the two reflectors positions for two different vertical charts, exquisite workmanship, etc.



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