1301 IKUSI SBA102-C60 LTE VHF / UHF Amplifier with shield

IKUSI SBA102-C60 web amplifier with integrated 4G / LTE filter function

The SBA102-C60 is a dual-input (VHF / UHF), low-noise, high-RF shielded amplifier. It is housed in a modern plastic box for mounting on the antenna mast. The amplifier has a built-in 4G / LTE filter for effective signal suppression over the 60 channel (> 791 MHz).

■ VHF & UHF Web Amplifier (c21-60)

■ Adjustable gain 0 ~ 15 dB

■ Easy web installation

■ Maximum output level 106 dBµV

■ Supply voltage +24 VDC

■ CE construction approval