Samsung Hotel TV

What Is It?

MSS Electronics cooporates with Samsung for supplying hotel TV

Samsung premium Hospitality TV have been designed to enhance the value of your hotel and immerse your guests in a sophisticated and upscale environment that they have come to expect


Jack pack Compatibility

Your guests typically carry a wide variety of electronic devices ranging from MP3 players to digital cameras. The Samsung Jack Pack solution provides them with a convenient and streamlined way to simultaneously connect an assortment of devices to their TV. The Jack Pack works be detecting the connection interface and then automatically converts it to an optimized source. So now every input from the Jack Pack is transmitted as an HDMI output.

Auto Sensing Inputs

Allow your guests to enjoy the convenience of being at home while on the road with the Auto Sensing feature of your Samsung Hotel TV. Auto Sensing enables the Hotel TV to automatically detect any compatible digital device that is connected to the TV. Now your guests can quickly and easily review their photos, listen to music, watch a movie or even playback a video

USB Cloning Device

To help you work more efficiently, the innovative, built-in USB Cloning Device allows you to easily customize and then copy the settings onto all of your TVs, instead of doing this individually. That includes hotel logos, picture size, speaker volume and even DTV channels.

Easy Installation & Setup

Installation of your new Samsung Hospitality TV is a snap with the easy-to-use onscreen instructions that guide you through the entire process. These step-by-step instructions appear on the screen as soon as the TV is turned on. The instructions are also flexible enough to accommodate additional installation modes and processes for easy customization.

Hotel Logo Display

To provide your guests with a constant, yet subtle, reminder of your property our TV has the ability to display your logo on the TV screen for 3-7 seconds (this time is adjustable) once the TV is turned on. This helps to generate awareness and reinforce your brand. The logos can be uploaded as bitmap and avi files onto the TV and can easily be cloned with the USB Cloning Device. *C450/C459/C530/C539, C4000 : Bitmap files, C6400 : AVI files *Standalone mode only

Multi-Code Remote

A useful feature of the Samsung Hospitality TV is its ability to support multi-code remote controllers. This feature is particularly useful in situations where there are multiple users in the same room, like a gym, so up to 10 different TVs can be controlled individually.

Eco-friendly Desing

Samsung has taken an eco-friendly approach when designing their new line of Hotel TVs. Conventional TVs typically use spray paint, which contains Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and emits hazardous pollutants during the manufacturing process. On the other hand, Samsung’s unique ToC design uses its unique Dual Injection Technology, which does not use spray paint and is almost entirely recyclable.

Channel Re-mapping

Give your hotel guests of watching the TV channels they’re most accustomed to with the Samsung Hotel TV’s Channel Re-mapping feature. This convenient feature gives you the flexibility to change the digital channel from a minor to a major broadcast one. Channel Re-mapping also provides the ability to add the channel’s name. You can even add you’re A/V devices to your channel listing.

Anti-theft Battery Cover

Replacing stolen batteries can become costly over time. That’s why our remote controls are designed with special battery covers that are screwed on. So the cover can only be removed with a special screwdriver once the batteries need to be replaced.

Energy Efficient

Samsung is setting the standard when it comes to saving energy with its energy-efficient LED TVs. To start, LED technology is already extremely energy efficient. By leveraging that technology for its TVs, Samsung’s LED TVs has cut energy consumption by nearly 50% compared to ENERGY STAR 4.0. That means a 55” Samsung LED TV consumes the same amount of energy as a conventional 32” LCD TV!


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