Samsung (Interactive Remote Control for Hospitality)

Every manager or owner of a substantially sized hotel wants to manage their estate of TVs without visiting every room and adjusting every set individually. Our intelligent SIRCH (Samsung Interactive Remote Control for Hospitality) solution can make your life so much easier by managing your fleet of displays from one central location via air broadcast. You can configure settings, like setting up initial and maximum volumes as well as editing and updating channel lists universally and remotely. Important firmware upgrades can also be made the same way, eliminating interruption or service limitation, and providing a better experience for your guests. The advan¬tages to you are varied. Remote control and management significantly reduces the cost of manually updating each set, saving time, resource, and a lot of legwork

REACH (Remote Enhanced Active Control for Hospitality)

REACH is the Samsung Hospitality Display’s integrated solution. It provides a simple user interface and editing tool that allows content such as EPG (program guide), property logo, hotel information and imagesto be updated either remotely through the advanced SIRCH device. Therefore, without installing IP infra, it is possible to use this solution through the existing coax cable, without the requirement to install a separate STB- saving you money.


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